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Clarborough & Welham IT Group

Clarborough & Welham IT Group, based in Clarborough Village Hall (DN22 9LN), provides Windows 10-based learning and support through 30-weeks per year (in 'normal' times!) and has been doing so for more than 15 years. Classes are based around so-called open-source application which are free to users. Currently these include LibreOffice and Gimp image editing. With free wi-fi in Clarborough Village Hall, classes usually make use of, and give tuition in, effective and efficient use of internet resources.

Our IT Group is a key focus for other community resources in that we manage Clarborough & Welham Community website, now one of the major information sources in the area – currently serving visitors some 15,000 pages per month!

We also publish Clarborough & Welham Community Newsletter, a quarterly, full-colour glossy 24-page publication distributed free to every household in our community and also a wide range of outlets in Retford and Worksop. Grateful thanks to Clarborough & Welham Parish Council for their financial support.

Our IT Group is also a key player in Clarborough & District Community Association (CDCA) which manage Clarborough Village Hall. Having recently re-opened after the Covid-19 lockdowns, our village hall now has regular groups returning to our weekly programmes with more to soon follow.

To explore all of the above visit our community website where you will find details of our IT Group within the Local Groups section. Current and back issues of our community Newsletter have their own website section as also does Village Hall CDCA.