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The Focus Collection Ltd.

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Need a number cruncher?

We take care of the numbers so that you can: build, grow, nurture and develop your business. ‘doing the accounts’ is the last thing you should be worrying about on a Sunday night, instead, stick the kettle on or open a bottle of red and just relax.


Yes relax, as running a business is stressful enough. So, if you are getting stressed by the burden of the accounts, then let somebody else do it.

Let us benefit you and your business.

Our services

  • Making sure all accounts, payroll, tax returns and company secretarial forms are legally compliant and submitted online and on time
  • Avoid missing deadlines and paying fines
  • Advising you on how to keep costs low, (this includes reducing the cost of our services where we can)
  • Advising on trends to look for in your business
  • Answering any questions that you have, (the more questions from you, the better)