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Membership Terms & Conditions

By proceeding with your application for membership of Retford Business Forum (RBF), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions will apply for the duration of your membership of RBF and you should read them carefully. By applying for, renewing or continuing your membership of RBF, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms.

We reserve the right to amend these terms from time to time.

1. Parties

These terms and conditions form the basis of the legal relationship between a Member and Retford Business Forum (RBF).

Use of the expressions “we”, “us” and “our” in these terms refers to RBF. References to “you” and “your” refer to members of RBF.

2. Membership

Membership of RBF is open to any adult individual, regardless of their age, race, gender or location, or organisation which supports and agrees with the objectives of Retford Business Forum in detail and in spirit, and is committed to working in association with RBF to achieve our stated aims and objectives.

Where a company that forms part of a group of companies applies for membership, this does not entitle other companies within that group to become a Member.  Each company within such a group shall be required to apply separately for membership and pay the current annual Membership fee.

An annual Membership Fee helps RBF engage with activities that promote the prosperity of Retford, its surrounding villages and region.  In return, RBF offers a package of Member Benefits to provide value to our members.  RBF reserves the right to amend its membership package and pricing structure. 

3. Membership & Application Process

Applications for membership can be made by:

  • Contacting our membership team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then paying the annual Membership Fee via Bank Transfer; or by arrangement, in person by cash or cheque.
  • Paying the annual Membership Fee by card payment through our website at NB there is a small administration fee for payments by card.

4. Membership Fee

You agree to pay an annual fee to RBF, the amount of which is set by RBF and reviewed annually and is effective from 1st March and will apply to all applications for membership from that date until a future update takes place.  It is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  

RBF Membership is for a period of 12 months and runs from the date of acknowledgement of payment.  Members can join at any time and we automatically provide you with a receipt of payment.  You will be contacted to invite you to renew your membership and provide you with an invoice for the renewed term.

5. Membership Expiry

Should your RBF membership expire and you choose not to renew it you will cease to be a member of Retford Business Forum.  You will no longer be eligible for any RBF membership benefits, and your details will be removed from the RBF website.

6. Member Data

We take the privacy of our members seriously. Details of how we collect, store and use your personal information is set out in our Privacy & GDPR statement.

7. Membership Listings 

Retford Business Forum Membership Listings contain personal names or organisation names, contact information and brief personal/organisation overviews purely as an information tool.  It is available to anyone visiting the RBF website, not solely current paying RBF members.  It may be used by these visitors/members for their own purposes, but RBF does not accept any liability or condone the use of the Membership Listings for any bulk marketing exercises.

8. Use of RBF Member Logo

Upon becoming a Retford Business Forum member, you will be supplied with a membership logo that you may wish to display on your website and on other marketing tools. However, you are under no obligation to do so if you do not wish to.

If you do decide to display our logo on your website, RBF asks for the following:

You do not alter the logo in any way, including size, colour, arrangement, etc.

Use of the logo must cease if membership is not renewed.

9. Member to Member Offers

The website will display offers and discounts from RBF Member businesses and organisations to other RBF Members. 

Whilst each offer may have its own terms and conditions, there are also a set of standard terms and conditions that apply to taking up any and all offers.  These standard terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. To take up a discount or offer, either visit or telephone the organisation/business and tell them your name/business name and that you wish to take up the offer as a fellow Member of Retford Business Forum.
    Also tell or show them the Offer Code contained within the offer details.
  2. Specific terms and conditions for each offer (e.g. Expiry Date, Offer Code) will be included where relevant.
  3. All offers are subject to availability.

These terms and conditions apply to all Member to Member Offers listed on the RBF website.  Please read these as well as the terms of the individual offer.  These terms and conditions can change at any time. These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

When you use an offer you accept the terms and conditions relating to that offer (in legal terms you are deemed to have accepted them and agree to be bound by them).

Full (Paid up) members of RBF can purchase goods and services from other full members.  RBF are not responsible for purchases made from members and we do not endorse or recommend any goods or services of our members.

Any purchases are the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to make satisfactory arrangements.  RBF will not be held responsible for errors, corrections, cancellation or refunds or any such other corrective measures that might take place between the buyer and the seller.  We have no control over the quality, safety, legality, fitness for purpose or other characteristics of the goods or services offered for supply by members, the truth or accuracy of the listings on our website or the ability of any of our members to perform their contracts with you. We do not in any way guarantee performance of any contracts by our members.

You are responsible for making your own checks on the identity, status, responsibility, creditworthiness, trustworthiness and ability to perform of any person or organisation with whom you enter into a contract.

You hereby release us from any liability in respect of any claims, demands, costs, damages or expenses (actual or consequential) of any kind or nature arising out of or in any way connected with any contracts between you and a member and/or disputes arising from or relating to such contracts. 

We have no responsibility for, and you agree to release us from all liability in respect of, the information contained in the listings for members on our site or for its accuracy, completeness, honesty or decency or for any reliance placed by you on, or action taken by you as a result of, such information.